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Crystal Colón
Esthetician | Fort Worth, Texas

Eye Shadow

       the wow effect.         

Located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, BIJOU takes immense pride in being voted DFW's best in waxing for 2023, earning the prestigious Silver category recognition from Star Telegram. Renowned for our expertise, we offer an unrivaled experience in full-body waxing, specializing in the art of Brazilian waxing. As a luxury spa, we go beyond waxing, providing exceptional services that encompass luxury facials featuring the renowned Sorella Apothecary skincare line, invigorating vagacials, transformative booty facials, and precise brow laminations. Prepare to immerse yourself in the epitome of beauty and relaxation at BIJOU—a sanctuary where expertise intertwines seamlessly with indulgence, creating a haven of pure luxury.

       ALL DAY LONG.     


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