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Embark on a transformative skincare journey at BIJOU, where the epitome of luxury meets personalized care. Discover our exceptional range of custom facials, chemical peels, back facials, booty facials, and vagacials in downtown Fort Worth. Our expert estheticians specialize in tailoring each treatment to enhance your skin's natural radiance, rejuvenate your back, beautify your booty, and empower your intimate skincare. Immerse yourself in a world of indulgence and schedule your appointment today to experience the transformative power of our customized services at BIJOU. Elevate your beauty and embrace the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.

Indulge in Custom Facials for Every Area

Personalized Skincare for Face, Back, Booty, and bikini Areas

At BIJOU, we believe in providing tailored skincare solutions for every part of your body. Our expert estheticians offer custom facials designed to rejuvenate and enhance specific areas, including the face, back, booty, and bikini areas. Experience the benefits of targeted treatments that address your unique skincare concerns, ensuring a radiant and revitalized appearance from head to toe.

Facials: Reveal Your Radiant Complexion

Renew and Refresh Your Facial Skin

Our facials focus on revitalizing your complexion, targeting concerns such as dryness, dullness, acne, or aging. With personalized treatments, including deep cleansing, exfoliation, nourishing masks, and facial massage techniques, we reveal your radiant and youthful skin. Experience the rejuvenating power of our custom luxury facials and embrace a complexion that glows with vitality.

Back Facials: Renew and Revive Your Back

Pamper Your Back with Skincare Attention

Our back facials are designed to rejuvenate and renew the skin on your back, addressing concerns like congestion, acne, or uneven texture. Our expert estheticians perform deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and soothing masks to restore your back's health and radiance. Experience the indulgence of our custom back facials and achieve a smoother, clearer, and more vibrant back.

Booty Facials: Enhance Your Booty Beauty

Nourish and Beautify Your Booty

Our booty facials are specially curated to address the unique needs of your buttocks, helping to improve the appearance of blemishes, texture, tone, and overall skin health. Through exfoliation, moisturization, and specialized treatments, we rejuvenate your booty, leaving it feeling softer, smoother, and more supple. Indulge in the pampering experience of our custom booty facials and embrace the beauty of your backside.

Vagacials: Empowering Vaginal Skincare

Renew and Empower Your Intimate Skin

Our vagacials are intimate skincare treatments designed to rejuvenate and nourish the delicate skin of your bikini area. Through gentle exfoliation, soothing masks, and specialized treatments, we address concerns like ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation, and dryness, leaving you feeling refreshed and confident. Experience the empowerment and rejuvenation of our custom vagacials for a renewed intimate skincare routine.

Book Your Custom Facial Today

Indulge in Tailored Skincare Experiences

Ready to experience the pinnacle of skincare and indulgence? Book your appointment for a custom facial at BIJOU today. Whether you desire a face, back, booty, or vagacial treatment, our expert estheticians will provide a luxurious experience tailored to your specific needs. Reveal your radiance and embrace the transformative power of our custom facials at BIJOU.

  • What is a brow lamination?
    A brow lamination is a perm process which is placed to relax the eyebrow hair and give it a more uniform look. A brow lamination is excellent for creating arches, providing you with the latest fluffy brow, and to tame unruly brows. This process will last about 8 weeks when taken care of properly. A brow lamination can realign the brows in such a way to give them the desired shape you are looking for, fuller brows, and more symmetry. Please be sure to consult with your esthician to ensure that you a good canidate for a brow lamination.
  • How long does the process take?
    It takes approximately 45-60 minutes
  • How long does the lamination last?
    It lasts approximately 2 months
  • Who would benefit from a brow lamination?
    Anyone wanting to make their brows fluffier or are seeking the fluffy brow look. Anyone wanting to grow out sparser areas in their brows or looking to improve the shape of their eyebrows.
  • How do I maintain my brows?
    Brow lamination is a low maintenance treatment. You will need to use a brow serum daily or weekly depending on the health of your brows as you do not want your brows drying out as this can cause them to become brittle and break. Your esthetician will be able to recommend good after care for you
  • How much does a brow lamination cost?
    The cost of a lamination is $100 and it includes the lamination, a brow tint, and a brow wax. You will be sent home with after care products to maintain the health of your brow.
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